JunkFood Drawing

Thanuwana , a grade one student of International School Seychelles has shown a keen interest to read and write at his early age. His interest to learn several languages enabled him to get the ability to learn alphabets of seven languages when he was just four year old. He faced poem competitions and was placed the first in several. When he was 4 Years and 9 months old he wrote a story ‘Junk Food ‘ .He showed an interest to the theme ‘’Healthy Food’’ the term’s topic and assures ‘Junk Food’ is the first of Super Sam series.

Mrs. Mary Uzice
Class Teacher

Sam likes to eat lots of chocolate and sweets . One day when Sam was playing with his friends , He couldn’t run, the others laughed at him. He felt so sad that he sat under a magic apple tree. The tree spoke to him, telling him about how healthy fruits and veggies are. It gave him an apple to eat .Sam loves the apple .He is going to transform from Sam into Super Sam.