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Awasan Siddhanthaya


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Completed only a few days before the death of Arthur C. Clarke, "The Last Theorem" which translated to sinhala by Thathsarani Bulathsinghala is a mixture of fascinating mathematics and amazing astronomy. S & T Group holds the translation copy rights for the last theorem. Co-written with veteran science fiction editor and author Frederik Pohl, the last theorem chronicles the imagined career of Sri Lankan mathematician Ranjit Subramanian, whose fascination with number theory in general and Fermat's Last Theorem in particular brings him global fame and thrusts him into the middle of international - and transgalactic - intrigue. Here the authors discuss about the space elevator in Sri Lanka, moon Olympic in lava tunnels, solar sailing, omnipotent aliens, AI, achievement of world peace and computerized immortality.

ISBN 10 :- 978-955-1080-10-5
ISBN 13 :-
Author :- Fredrick Paul
Arthur C. Clarke
Translator :- Thathsarani Bulathsinghala
Publisher :- S and T Group
Language :- Singhala
Publish Year :-
Dimension :- 8.5x5.75
Hardcover :-


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